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Product Care

At Vault California, we want you to enjoy your product as long as possible! Each item will vary for proper product care. Below you'll find general tips to help prolong the life of your Vault California item.


-All clothing items come with a care label. Most care labels can be found sewn into the inside seam of the clothing item. Care labels will state the fiber content as well as washing and drying instructions. If you're unsure on how to properly wash and dry your clothing items, washing in cold water and hanging to dry will your clothing item the least.


-Most of our jewelry is made of brass, which will naturally darken over time. If you want to bring it back to it’s shiniest self you can polish it with a silver cloth or polishing pad. No chemicals. To keep it from darkening, avoid things like wearing it while wet, rubbing it down with lotion, or during a sweat session from the gym. In general, avoid throwing it at the bottom of your purse or drop it on a hard floor. Treat it like it’s special and loved, and it will love you back for a long time to come.

*Information provided by Larissa Loden Jewelry*


-All of our artisan candles are handmade with the utmost care. Here is how you can best experience your candle. 

1) Prior to lighting your candle, wicks must be trimmed to approximately 1/4". Especially during your first use.

2) It's best to burn your candle until it completely liquifies across the surface and reaches the edges of the vessel. Approximately 2-3 hours for 3-4oz candles and 3-4 hours for 9-10oz candles.

3) Before each burn trim your wick, again, to approximately 1/4". Trimming the wick before each use will prevent a tall flame which results in unwanted smoking, flickering, and uneven burning.

*Information provided by Makana Candles*